Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome! And, Watch Out!!

First of all, I just want to say, Welcome! To my new followers. I am so tickled that you are dropping by. :D :D

Okay, now for a Watch Out!!!!

I just got my Hungry Girl e-mail and she had some startling news. Special K Low Fat Granola (which I love, love, love!!!) has suddenly had the serving size downgraded from 3/4 cup to 1/2 cup. Yet the stats, including calories, fat grams and Points Value remain unchanged. Sneaky, sneaky! Shame on you, Special K!

Needless to say, 190 calories is a lot to spend on 1/2 cup of cereal, no matter how much I adore it. 3/4 cup was pushing it, but I felt it was worth it for sweet, oaty, granola goodness. I will not be buying any more. I haz a sad! I thought I finally had a low-ish cal granola I could enjoy for a long time to come.

Oh well.

Moving on. :D

I hope that everyone had a great Easter/Sunday. And I hope that you aren't as puffed up as I am. lol Ham. I watched my intake but the stuff is a salt fest. And I am now a bloat fest. lol I am drinking coffee and lots of water so that I can expel the bloat and puff. I even had a "watery" brekkie. A nice, juicy orange. I may have a bowl of oatmeal, mid-morning, if I get hungry. I really don't want anything else to eat, right now. ***Imagine that!!*** :D :D

I finished out my day, yesterday at 1500 calories. Not too shabby. In fact, I am rather pleased with my bad self. This is the first time I have got through an entire holiday right on track and finished out the special day on the lower end of my acceptable calorie range. I am rather fat behind the eyes, right now. :D

Okay, well... That's really all I have to yak about, right now. Have a terrific, on track, happy day. If you are struggling, remember, you are not alone.


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