Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little Exercise

Got started on walking, again. I got out and did twenty minutes. Half of it a hard, all uphill pull. Whew! Walking back felt like heaven. Like a reward for dragging my huge ass up that road. lol It felt good to move, again. I am not going to push too hard, too fast. I don't want to drop in the middle of the road. But I do want to stress the old bod enough that it actually feels as if it did something. :D I'll walk that up and back until I feel ready to go farther and then carry on longer.

There is a lake of sorts here in Prescott that has lots of lovely, wide, level paths all around it and going here, there and everywhere. I would really like to go there and walk. I have decided that when I can do a couple of miles, I am going to start driving over there and walking around the lake. Where I live, the roads are... Not so pretty and such hard uphills. Yeah... I know that hard uphills are good for me but they suck, make my hips hurt and I don't like looking at the same dreary houses and limited views.

Something to look forward to. :D

Freecycle rocks. I have been able to pass along good, usable stuff to people who could use it and have received a few things that I needed, too. My latest acquisition is a pretty little colonial style writing desk in surprisingly good condition. I am going to use it as a dressing table in my bedroom. It will sit right under my window and I will have perfect light by which to apply my makeup. And I won't have to drag makeup and my mirror into the dining room to put my face on. Blech! What a pain in the arse that was!

And before you ask, no. I can't put my makeup on in my bathroom. Storing and applying makeup in the bathroom is a no go. I never store my makeup in my bathroom, it is bad for it. The temperature changes, heat, humidity. Bad for makeup. And after what I have invested in that collection, I don't want to ruin it. :D I don't apply in my bathroom, either. Bathroom lighting is horrible and I would never put my makeup on in that kind of light. :P I stopped doing that the day I oh so carefully put my makeup on in my bathroom, then went out to my car and while driving, caught a look at my reflection in my rear view in a shaft of sunshine. Yikes!!!! That sight was so scary, I almost crashed my car. lol I started applying my makeup in natural light and never had a shock like that, again. :D

I feel good. :D I don't actually hate exercising. And I like how good I feel afterward. I think I need to keep it up. :D

Okay... Need to figure out what I want for dinner. probably soup and salad. Maybe some toast. I want something nice and hot. It is surprisingly cool, still. The wind has calmed down some but it was cutting right through me when I was out walking. I actually had to put gloves on my little hands. Brrr! Is this Spring?

In a few weeks I will probably be crying about how hot it has suddenly become and I hate getting all sweaty and so forth. Stay tuned. ;) lol

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  1. I love walking near the water... there's just something about it. We have a beach out our back door, but I still find myself driving across town to a different one - the water view is endless & the beach much less rocky than here. Funny how that makes such a big difference.

    Totally agree about natural light for putting on makeup - its way better! I swear you can walk down the street & tell who puts their makeup on in the bathroom, lol.


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