Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Good Day

Hello everyone. :D I hope that you all had a great Sunday.

My day was good. :) Calorie wise I am sitting at exactly 1100. Otherwise it was equally nice. Husband and I went out to do some running around, today. I wanted to get flower plants at Lowe's but when we got there, the plant goddess advised us to wait until next week to plant tender annuals. There is a storm coming in this week and it is supposed to pack a bit of a wallop and bring the temps down quite a bit. There is a possibility that it could... *gag* snow *gag*... So, we just grazed through the garden centre and talked about the plants we want then we went in and I picked up a couple of house plants.

I haven't had house plants since we moved here and I miss them, terribly. I had to leave my beautiful plants behind when we left the dump in Highland Pines. They were infested with little gnats and other bugs (that house was such a dump. One we were privileged to pay $1000 a month for.) and I didn't want to move them here, with us so they got left behind.

So, now I have a couple of plants and plan to add a few more. I am dying for some coleus, in particular. Maybe a nice fern...

I also grabbed a little plastic hummingbird feeder and some hummingbird nectar mix. I want to see if the hummers will come around. I think that they are so gorgeous, they look like flying jewels. Hopefully the feeder won't just attract a bunch of bees. lol

While we were in Lowe's I salivated over the grills. I want a new grill so much. Ever since my old one went tits up on me I have been grill-less and I miss it, terribly. I am the grill mistress in this house. :D And I will grill or attempt to grill just about anything. :D

We did a little more shopping around, I picked up some polish. (Shocking, but true. lol) And we hit the grocery store. I got a little exercise bopping around stores and humping my arse up and down our stairs many times, today. It was good for me. I needed it. And I am getting up and down easier, now. And breathing a lot better, when I get to the top. So... Progress. :D

I bought hair colour. Loreal Dream Blonde. I can't wait to do my strand test. I will probably do it, tomorrow. I am hoping that I get the result I want and expect. If I don't I can get a refund from Loreal so... Win-win.

We had a surprise visit from my SIL and BIL. It was very last minute, shortly after we got home and I had already changed my clothes and got comfy. I am not someone who does well with impulse visitors. I like advance warning, a chance to be sure that my house is all buffed and polished and I am pulled together. My house looked fine, it was clean and neat, but I didn't have time to do a company job on my bathroom or run my vacuum, again. Oh, well. It was probably for the best. They brought their little grandson (our grand nephew) with them and he had a great time, freaking out my dog, digging through my fridge for lemonade, getting fingerprints all over all of my highly polished furniture. lol I have forgotten what it is like to have a four/five year old little boy tear assing around the house. lol He is a cutie, tho. Full of energy, pinballing around. But sweet, with it. :D It was nice to see everyone and it was lovely when that little tornado left with his g'rents. lol I couldn't do having another little kid in my house. They are nice for short periods of time. Then they can go home. lol

I forgot to pick up facial cleanser, dammit! I have enough for a few more days. And I can stretch with jojoba oil. But I definitely need another tube.

Okay, this is getting stupid and boring. lol


  1. I think that is the first time I heard you mention family outside of your's and WD's parents. Yep, nice when they can go home, but still hard not to love and enjoy them when they visit. Great job on the calories yesterday!

  2. Hey sounds like you got a good work out just walking around the stores. I like company, but I am also glad when they go home.. You did great on your eating I see..

  3. Yes, Sherry, I don't talk a whole lot about other family members. Not because they aren't there but because I wish to respect their privacy as much as I can. It's just a weirdness of mine. lol

    Thanks. I think I did okay. :D

    I did get some exercise walking the stores and going up and down stairs a lot. It was good for me. :D

  4. Not stupid and boring at all. But very interesting, a snapshot of your life.


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