Friday, April 9, 2010

I Don't Feel Well


I had asparagus with my chicken for dinner. It smelled a little funny... I probably should have skipped it but I thought it was just a little over ripe or something. And I felt guilty about throwing out something so expensive. So I steamed and consumed it. Now, I feel intestinal distress.

Sabryna, who ate asparagus stems (yes, my dog eats vegetables :D) threw up, tonight.

Methinks I should have tossed the asparagus.

Methinks I might toss the asparagus.


Other than that... A good day was had by me. I ended up consuming 1312 calories.

May I please pass out, now?


  1. well, on the bright side..if you do toss your asparagus...I would say that puts your calorie total on or around 900...
    pollyanna out...

  2. Keep to it nothing worse than vegetables that are not right. You are progressing well keep it up.

  3. Ok...CMoursler made me laugh out loud and said exactly what I was thinking! Hoping you feel better this morning, darlin'. I'm off to the dentist this a.m.

  4. LMAO!!!

    I am feeling better, thanks. :D

  5. I can see why you didn't want to waste the asparagus, it is expensive stuff. But, it went to waste anyway. Glad you're feeling better.


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