Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dang It All, Anyway

Chipped the polish on a nail. *sigh* I just did this mani, yesterday. And I have a spot that I have to fix, tonight. Maybe I'll just leave it and do a new mani, tomorrow. That's probably what I will do.

I am sitting at 1500 calories for the day. Not too shabby, for a holiday that is food-centric. I kinda overdid the ham, tho. It is salty and I am going to end up blowing up like a puffer fish. Pressure under my diaphragm; a sure sign I ate too much. I knew it would be, when I got my plate ready. But my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Funny how, with time eating smaller portions really starts to change how you can eat.

I didn't eat nearly as much as I normally would and I am stuffed to the rafters and quite uncomfortable. I had ham, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and a very small serving of mashed potatoes. Just a few bites. I just wanted a little of the flavour without doing serious harm to my daily total.

It was a bright, shiny, windy day today. A little cooler than I would have liked but nice, none the less. Son had to work, today. Husband was off. His rocker. Sorry... Couldn't help myself. *evil grin*

We are watching a DVD of old Johnny Carson (first person to say to their self "Who's Johnny Carson?" gets their ass kicked lol) clips. Funny stuff.


That's all I have, right now. I just love it when I am typing along and I go brain dead. :P


  1. man, I miss johnny carson. Him and jonathon winters were so funny they would almost make me pee my pants.

    The day he retired, the heart went out of late night. I watched it, I was a senior in high school at the time.
    and 'blow up like a puffer fish'
    That's me and any sub from subway.

  2. Subway doesn't puff me but I know that that ham will. And soy sauce. I love it, can't lay off it and swell up every time. lol

  3. It didn't seem like I ate all that much yesterday but I sure came away stuffed to the rafters myself. But then again, I practically made a meal of some BBQ chips yesterday...and some chili cheese dip with tortilla chips. No wonder I was so full after not eating too much of my dinner.

  4. He he! Been there, done that. Stuffed myself on snacks then couldn't figure out why I couldn't eat my meal. Duh! lol

    Mmm... chili cheese dip... *drool*

    Okay. Had a moment. lol

  5. We didn't have a special Easter dinner. The only holiday that I fix special food for is Thanksgiving. Just lazy I guess.


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