Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm tired. :D

But it is a good tired. The tired that comes with a nice sense of accomplishment. I think I finally have my room arranged as I want it. It is a small room and getting everything just so takes a bit of doing. I still want to get new bedding and curtains and some more "art" on the walls. But I am pretty happy with the furniture arrangement.

I used to have two dressers in there. And frankly, it was one dresser too many. So, I cleared out both, re arranged all the clothes and discovered that Husband and I can quite nicely share the five drawer chest. So, I kissed my long dresser goodbye. Husband took it out to the garage and he is going to ask around at work and see if anyone wants it. If not, I'll Freecycle it. It is still a pretty good dresser and looks nice and has a lovely broken pediment mirror that goes with it. Someone might as well get some use out of it.

Anyway, My room looks better and it is much easier to walk around in there, now. I also finally have my dressing table set up, too. Now I have a nice spot to sit and do my face, hair and so forth. :D

I ate well, today. I was too busy to really think much about eating or food or anything else, really. lol Calories for the day were 1188. :D

I am yawning wide enough to dislocate my jaw and I am brain dead, so I think I am going to hit the sack.

Hopefully, I'll have time to catch up with everybody, tomorrow.

Good night. :D


  1. Love that sense of accomplishment! I don't feel that much around here. Sigh...I was all set to join you on the dieting and calorie counting and I blew it with a breakfast of stupid ice cream, bananas, and caramel. Granted, not much ice cream, but I just adore the caramel and bananas together. I hate me. Still...time to step up to the plate. I start now.

  2. It's nice to get everything arranged just right in a room. We have way too much stuff and we just kinda put it here and there.

  3. Sherry, don't hate yourself. Heaven only knows I have had many such starts and stops. I am learning not to hate myself for my human frailties. Learning... Don't have my degree, yet. But I will have it, one day. :D Join me in class, won't you? *hug*

    It does feel nice to clear out the old and re arrange. It's hard work but I love the way it looks when it is all finished. :D


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