Monday, April 5, 2010

Kinda Sorta So-So

That was my day, today. I busted my calorie cap, today. *rolling my eyes* Just mindless, idiotic eating and forgetting to write it down!!! I have only myself to blame. And only myself to hurt when I do something like this.

It's true. Eating 1860 calories doesn't do you any harm. But it sure as hell can harm me. How? For someone as heavy as I, 1860 calories really isn't the outside of too high. But, for someone who is trying to learn how to eat proper portions of healthy, body fueling, nourishing food, it is the outside of too high. Because the wrong choices for me were made. By me. Again.

Anybody have a spare 2X4 lying around? lol

I had planned to go out for a walk today but the wind was blowing so hard that I couldn't. It is crazy, the wind the last couple of days. It seems to have calmed down a bit, maybe I can get out of here, tomorrow. The dog could use a little road work, too. :D

My frakkin' head is bad, bad, bad.


  1. eh, you ate at maintenance or below...actually if you were a daily exerciser and weighed about 140 lbs...that WOULD be maintenance calories.
    feel better. Here's to tomorrow.

  2. I find myself wondering if you and CMoursler (above) live nearby. She mentioned the wind keeping her from doing a walk too. Anyway, not too bad of a day, darlin'. I think you should reward yourself with a little pretty if you lose at the end of a week. Little steps and little motivations help keep one progressing, right? You can do it, my sweet!

  3. Hoping you have a better day today.
    Hey, I see you are in AZ. I just won some nail polish from a blog and it came along with a free manicure certificate but it is in Chandler, AZ. I am going through AZ in Aug but won't have time to find the place and use it. Are you near Chandler and would you want the certificate?

  4. Cmoursler, I agree. I didn't do any real physical damage but allowing myself to slip back into bad habits isn't a slope I want to slide down. And allowing myself to slack is a sure path to ruin for me, at this time. :D

    Sherry, I am planning a little pressie for myself when I hit a certain mark. Ficcare will be running their late Spring, early Summer promo next month. And, as you know... I have quite the lust list. *eyebrows*

    Susie, how sweet of you to offer. But I think I am going to have to say no thank you. I live up in Prescott, a couple of hours north of the Valley and I don't know when we will next get down that way. Thank you so much for thinking of me, tho. *hearts*

  5. Oh you're very welcome. Wish I knew someone that could use it. :)

  6. I know where you are coming from. Myself now I uses a 6 x 6 works better. Hey girl you are doing great and I do not think you did that bad..

  7. I hope you had a better day today and that the head is feeling better too.


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