Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Effortless, Today

I find it somewhat hilarious that some days I am white knuckling it through cravings and thoughts of losing all semblance of self control then others, I sail through the day, thinking about food... Oh... Not much. Just when I got really hungry and decided to have a meal or light snack. I didn't even think about dinner until after seven thirty and then I wasn't really all that hungry. But I knew I needed to eat so I tossed a Lean Cuisine into my micro and made a salad.

I hope that one day, every day will be as effortless. Or nearly so. I sincerely don't want to spend the rest of my life fighting myself. I don't want it to be so damned difficult, I just want it to be normal. Like today. :D

I think that my gut is shrinking. :D

It was a lovely weather day. Tailor made for me. Darkly cloudy, windy and rain. Of course, as is typical in this part of the country, the frakkin' sun did break though this afternoon. *sigh* But I really enjoyed the rest of the day.

I wonder why cloudy, rainy weather is called "bad" or "nasty" or "messy" or "terrible". To me, it is sublime. Relaxing, nurturing, calming and invigorating. Clouds, dark, low skies and rain falling all around me makes me happy.

The temps are in the upper thirties, tonight. As cold as it has been for a while. It almost feels as if Winter is taking it's encore. As long as it doesn't snow.

I hope that all travellers on the road to a healthier life are having an effortless and joyful trip.


  1. You know I am much the same about rainy and overcast days. We've been having some sun of late, but I suppose that is ok too...also needed for those brilliant greens and the trees and flowers I love so much!

  2. You said, "I think that my gut is shrinking. :D" I wanted to jump through the monitor and give you a big hug. :) I'm also happy that you had an easier day.

    It's good that you experienced some of the weather yesterday that you'd hoped for, too.

    May today be a good one too!

  3. I love gray, rainy days. I'm glad that you are doing so well.


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