Friday, April 9, 2010

The Avocado Was Mine

This wasn't an impulse, binge-y feeding frenzy decision. I thought about it. Weighed the calorie cost against whether or not I thought it was worth it and decided it was. I had it with a piece of grilled chicken and salad for lunch. It was lovely and worth every decadent calorie. It made my lunch lovely and delicious. I needed something different. I have had a very monotonous diet, lately. A tight budget has made it necessary to eat a lot of the same stuff in order to stay on track.

I am hoping that I can stretch the budget a bit, this week and pick up a few new items in addition to the old faves. I need a little variety. I am getting bored and starting to think about other things I would like to eat. Things I shouldn't eat if I want to stay on track and achieve my goals. Staying on track and achieving my goals is important. and I am not going to use boredom as an excuse to do something stupid. I have fallen into that pit trap before and it always took me a long time to dig my way out.

I am sick of shovelling.

I had a busy morning. Did a lot of housework, laundry and so forth. I had to take extra time and dust down my dining set. The dining set that Husband loved and got a good deal on. The dining set ornamented with a lot of somewhat ornate metal curves and curlicues. That all have to be painstakingly dusted. Sigh. Even with my Swiffer duster it took me quite a while to do that, this morning. Obviously, when he chose that table and chairs, cleaning it never entered his mind. Why should it? I am the one who gets to clean it. He doesn't have to. *rolling my eyes*

China Glaze Watermelon Rind doesn't wear very well. I just did my mani yesterday and I already have fairly significant tip wear on a few nails. I think I will touch it up tonight and maybe turn it into something else, with the addition of another polish colour. We'll see what happens. :D

I don't know what I did to my widdle pinkie finger on my right hand but it hurts. The middle knuckle is really sore and I am having a hard time typing. Owie.

Son finally cleaned his nasty bathroom. I hate it when he lets it get so dirty that I can smell it from up here. I don't appreciate toilet breath wafting up the stairs to me. Yuk. Twenty-one year old guys are gross. lol His shower curtain fell apart and he is going out later to buy a new one. He used the last one until it literally fell off the rings. I have to give him credit for getting every last bit of use out of something. Takes after his old mom, in that respect. :D

It is gorgeous, today. Warmer, sunny and the birdies are rioting in the trees. I have windows open and the house is airing out nicely. :D After Fall, Spring is my favourite season. And I am enjoying this Spring.

I am having a good day, eating and otherwise. The head is pretty calm, I am under control and feeling pretty normal. I am not thinking nonstop about food, I am not clocking the hours and minutes to my next meal and I am not having obsessive thoughts or impulses.

I am getting plenty of protein the last couple of days. Protein is important to me, it helps me feel physically full, longer, it stabilises my blood sugar and it is good for my muscles, skin and hair. I crave it and I feed that craving. :D

There are danish in a little bag on top of my toaster oven in my kitchen. One was apple. My all time favourite. I wasn't even tempted. I have no interest in them. No craving, no need to feed on them. Nothing. I could care less if they are there or not.

Win. :D

I hope that you are all having wins, today. :D :D


  1. That is a win...I am the same way with protien.
    It fills me up and keeps me full longer.
    Gotta love it.
    And guys ARE gross.
    And they never DO think of what it takes to clean things...that is why they want huge whatever they take into their truck never has to come back out.

  2. Bwahahaha! You are so right about guys and trucks. :D

  3. I love proteins and often find myself craving meat. But then eating as crappily as I do, that is no surprise. So proud of you, my perfectionist compadre!

  4. Protein definitely helps with hunger. Sounds like you're on track.


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