Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank You, All Bloggers

I am sooo glad that you are all here. I was having a bit of a rough day, today. Obsessive thoughts and urges began sneaking in and I felt close to the edge for a while. Rather than giving in and being destructive, I grabbed my lappie and started reading your blogs, instead. Weight loss blogs, nail polish blogs, even an art blog or two. You all pulled me through a difficult time and I think that I am going to be just fine, now. :D

Thank you! *flowers*


  1. Not at all sure if my blog was one you looked at I suspect not I am just beginning to fully understand your dailly battle but I am so full of admiration if it is ok I will stick with reading your blog each day. I know just what you mean about drawing strength from fellow bloggers they are a great group of people. The art ones are very caring and sensitive but then I am biased.

  2. Yep, diversions. They sure do help, don't they? Ralph's blogs are fabulous, if neither of you mind a plug. Some great stories and lessons to be learned there.

  3. I agree it helps to blog and read all the bloggers comments. I think it is cool that you like nail polish. Any suggestions to get my nails harder would be helpful.

  4. I have a list that I go through every day or almost every day. I hope you have victory over those thoughts and urges.

  5. Ralph, I need to find your blog. :D

    Sherry, I agree. It is due to all of the different perspectives from so many different people. I am constantly educated and inspired. :D

    Debbie, I just use polish to protect my nails and am careful with them to reduce breakage. My nails are naturally thin and can peel like a banana if I don't keep them very smooth and well polished. I need to pick up some Biotin and start taking it, again. Biotin is wizard for nails. :D

    Thank you, SM. I did, indeed! :D :D

  6. There is such a pool of resources here isn't there. Glad it helped you Erika!


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