Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Current Mani

Okay, 'nuff self absorbed whining. Thank you for listening. *hugs*

Now for the fun stuff. Today's nails. My red and gold mani chipped badly so I decided not to try to repair it and changed it. I decided to do a combination again. China Glaze Frostbite (which is fast becoming my favourite blue, right behind For Audrey :D) topped with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Hidden Treasure. Hidden Treasure is a slightly opalescent jelly packed with flakies. No glitter. I applied one coat with a little extra here and there to cover a few bald spots.

Two coats China Glaze Frostbite. This polish always photographs lighter than it really is.
Frostbite topped with Hidden Treasure. The flakies didn't photograph really well. There are plenty of flakies in this polish. They are a kind of duo chrome copper-rose that shifts to green and blue, blurple, even a bit of pink, depending on the light and angle.
Another shot. All pictures were taken indoors in light coming in through my window without flash. It was an overcast day.

My very stained nails. This time when I wore Sinful Colors Go-Go Girl, it really stained my nails. The photograph washes out the stain somewhat. They are pretty bad. I was really dismayed when I took off my polish and my nails were so stained. And I used two coats of base coat, too. *sigh* Hopefully it will fade. I could probably whiten my nails a bit with a little toothpaste or peroxide, if I feel I need to. :)

Oh my gosh! I just showed my nekkid nails on teh interwebz!!! lol


  1. naked nails..mani porn...lol.
    love the blue.
    ought to give it a go...
    all my polishes are a pink or dark pink or coral or raisin...I am boooooring.

  2. Wish I had your passion and patience for keeping up with my nails. Half the time, if they break or snag, I use my teeth to reshape them. How lazy can I be?

  3. Oh oh LOVE the mani. I have acrylics cuz mine break too much and I love how my polish stays on so long. It's the one thing on me that is guaranteed to look nice every day! LOL

  4. Lovin' your nails! I just bought my first blue polish recently, which was a little out of my comfort zone of reds/pinks. I figure if I like it so much on others it must be OK on me. :)

  5. Thanks, gals. :D

    I just recently started wearing blue. I always thought that it was for little girls and "alternative" types. But I was wrong. :D

    Sherry, you aren't lazy. You just have other priorities. :)


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