Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sinful Nails :D

So... After yesterday's Pure Ice horror story, I ended up doing my nails with Sinful Colors Gogo Girl. I picked it up at the drug store for less then two clams. :D :D It is a pretty red jelly that looks either cool or warm, depending on the lighting. I applied three coats, I really should have done four as I still have some VNL but after the beating my nails and I took, yesterday, after three coats, I had had enough fun. I was done. lol

This polish was a bit of a pain to apply; it wanted to be draggy, streaky and it has a thing for bubbling. Tho the bubbles were easy to get rid of. I had my doubts about the final finish of my nails. Then I slicked on a nice, thick coat of Seche and when it dried my nails had a perfect, smooth, glossy finish. This polish dries a little slow, even with Seche. If you use it, be prepared to be careful for a while.

*shrug* Nail polish is weird stuff. :D

I like this polish. I like the colour and the way it looks. I will definitely wear this one again and again. Tho I will be sure to do four coats, next time. VNL kind of annoys me, unless I am doing a French.

Photo taken indoors. With flash. Glossy, shiny goodness. :D
Outdoors. No flash on a cloudy day. See how different lighting skews the tones of this red? :)
Sorry about my dried out cuticles and fingers in these pics. My mani was still a little too tacky to apply lotion and I had badly abused my poor digits with acetone, earlier.
Okay, I need to finish my coffee and get some brekkie. My tummy is a growling. Have a good day, anyone who wanders by. :D


  1. Beautiful! And suddenly I am wanting to see you in a lovely orange cream polish now!

  2. Thanks, SM. :D

    Orange cream, huh? Hmmm... I'll have to see what I can find.

  3. Hey I love that color. I got a pedicure today and it took me 30 min. to find a color I liked. I ended up with a coral color. You have pretty nails. I am glad all of the blue came off. Happy Easter..


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