Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Temporary Solution

I'm back.

For now, anyway. :D

My monitor is just about totally dead but Husband was able to jury rig a temporary solution to the problem by running a cable from my computer to the TV. So, I am online in LCD widescreen. lol Only bummer is that it is in black and white... He couldn't figure out how to get it in colour, but hey, at this point I am ot quibbling. Being on in b&w is better tham nothing at all.

Lord willing, this laptop will get fixed or we will get a new one, soon. But at least I can get here and post and read as much as I can, each day as long as the rest of my computer continues to function. But, the same thing applies... If I go missing, that means the poor dear went totally tits up on me and I will be away until a new one is obtained. lol

Otherwise, I am having a good day... Eating well and my head is pretty okay. I admit, I was a bit freaked out this morning, when I couldn't get here and read my usual blogs. But, I talked myself through it and I was okay after a bit. I can do this, computer or no. But I prefer to be able to read and talk you all. *heart*

The wind is blowing like crazy here and I was't able to get out for a walk as planned but as soon as it calms a little, I need to start doing some road work. I want to see if I can goose up my loss rate a bit. :D Three pounds a week average is nothing to sneeze at but at my weight, I should be able to do better. Why, yes. I am competitive and a bit of a  perfectionist, why do you ask? lolol

Okay, I am going to wrap this up, for now so that I can read a few blogs on my blogroll before my "monitor" has to be turned back into the family TV.

Hugs! :D

Please to forgive misspellings... Spellcheck in b&w is really hard to use. lolol


  1. It is such a bummer when things like that go wrong I would be round the bend if I could not get online thank goodness as a last resort I always have my google phone. Glad to hear all is still going well with you. I dont always make a comment but I never miss a blog. Thanks again.

  2. I am having quite a difficult time imagining the tv as a computer monitor! LOL No readers needed there, eh? I thought this WAS a new computer, n'est-ce pas?

  3. I have used my TV as a monitor before and its the cable you are using that is causing the black and white. You are doing great as always and 3 lbs a week is great.

  4. Ralph, it is a bummer. But I am happy to be on, in any way I can.

    Sherry, this 'puter is almost three years old and has been rode hard and put up wet. lol I suppose it is just tired out and readying it's self for retirement. :D

    Actually, I see very, very well up close, it is distance with which I have difficulty. Reading font on my TV, even tho it is an LCD widescreen is difficult for me... I am constantly squinting because my glasses are shot and the black and white makes it even more difficult. lol

    Thanks for the head's up, Debbie. I'll talk to Husband when he gets home from work and see if he has a different cable or can get one from the office. :D

  5. I hope that you are able to stay online! 3 pounds a week is great!


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