Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last Post Today

I promise. lol

I know that I have been a bit of a yak-box today. Haven't really said a whole hell of a lot but I managed to use a lot of words to do it.


This was a pretty decent day. I was calm in mind, strong in resolve and nicely balanced and in control. I likee. :D

My calories were a tad high... Today was Superdeeduper Delicious Big Old Subway Sandwich Day. But not out of the realm of a good day. I ended the day at 1567. Not too shabby.

I have an avocado ripening in a bowl on my kitchen counter.

Husband brought it home from the store for me, today. I wonder if Son is off tomorrow? The smart thing for me to do would be to hack that bad boy open (the avocado, not Son lololol) take my portion, add it to my lunch then give him the rest. Skinny little shit (Son, not the avocado) could use a few extra calories and the healthy fats contained within.


Do I really want to share?

I could just take a portion of the avocado and rub the rest with lemon juice, wrap it up really well and save the rest for another time.

Like desert after lunch.

Bleargh! Just shoot me now. lol

Good night, loves.


  1. I feel the inner turmoil and I admire the way you are looking at all this so positive and with such humour.

  2. Give it to the skinny lad, give it to the skinny lad!!


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