Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day and a Blue Mani of Happiness

It is a lovely, sunny mountain Spring day. (Yes, we have mountains in Arizona... ;) :D) I am rolling with a good day, so far. I had breakfast and haven't really felt an overwhelming need for lunch, yet. I'll go ahead and have it, in a bit but I am not in any rush.

It is So. Frakkin'. Weird. That I am not obsessing and worried about when I am next going to eat. I usually can't think of anything else. It feels so freeing. Yet strange. And a part of me is reveling in it while the other part is shaking in my boots, fearing that it will just evaporate away and leave me, shaking, mourning it's passing.

I really need it to not leave me because I like it.

A lot. :D

New mani day, today. I chose China Glaze For Audrey. So pretty. I love this colour as much as I have known I would. It has been on my lemming list for a while, now and I am so happy to have it, now. And the second I hear rumblings that it will be discontinued, I will have to obtain at least one back up bottle. I am thinking two or three, as I think that this shade would be nice for marbling (which I have yet to try) and maybe mixing, too. But right now, I am just enjoying it on it's own.

My only regret is that I only did two coats. I really think that this is a three coater and I will most likely add a third, later. I need dry nails, right now as I have laundry to finish and wet nails and folding and fluffing don't exactly go well together. :D

This polish is a bit of a chameleon. In natural light it is a true, light slightly greyed Tiffany blue. In fluorescent light and dim light it shows it's green roots and looks a bit more greyed, as well. In fact, in some light, it reminds me of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. This polish applied very easily, tho it was a bit thin and streaky on the first coat. The second really smoothed it out, tho. A coat of Seche really put it over the top and put a major shine on the whole show. Clean up was easy, too. No staining or other obnoxious BS.

Pictures. :D

In natural light through my living room window, no flash. Look how blue. :D Sorry about the bubble on my ring finger. *blush*
With flash, you can see some of the green and grey in this colour. And these pics don't show that it is a tad thin, in spots. I really should have done three coats. :D And, I went a little overboard on clean up on my middle finger. That gap is a bit... lol
I love, love, love this polish. If you want to try a light blue cream that is a little more sophisticated, a bit more "grown up" in feel, this one may be right up your alley.


  1. This looks great on you. I love your nails - they are the perfect length and shape!!

  2. Thank you, Brooke. You are so sweet. *flowers*

  3. As gorgeous as I knew it would be from the bottle. Just lovely!

  4. I love this color. You have such great nails.

  5. Wow that color is very pretty! Yes, Arizona does have mountains. We used to live in the Valley and went to the mountains every weekend to go fishing.


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