Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anybody Want To Come Kick My Husband's Ass With Me?

Check this. He lost four pounds. In four frakking days.

Four pounds.

In four days.

Time to kick his ass and toss him off over the deck railing.


I am doing well, today. Food and water are right on course.

I think that I am coming down with something. This afternoon, I started feeling yukky. My chest is getting heavy, I am starting to cough and I just feel "off". I was probably infected by some incubus of viral plague at the Urgent Care, last week. Bleargh! I'll know in the morning if I am sick or just feeling a little off. Dammit! If it isn't one thing, it is another. I am just getting over shingles and it would be terribly unfair if I come down with the crud, too.

And... Now I can't think of anything else to yap about, right now. *is brain dead*


  1. Men... is right! Irritating, isn't it??

  2. my husband cut back a little and 2 weeks later he had dropped 10 lbs. yeah.

  3. Men are the worst!! Well, they're the best at some things ;) but the worst when you're trying to lose weight with them! My husband always smokes me when we are on-plan together. Plus, at the most, he only ever goes like 15 lbs over his ideal weight so he'll eat right for a month and be done. It' sooo annoying!

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well though :( Although I did have to laugh at the "incubus of viral plague" bit ;)

  4. Men suck ASS!!!


    sent you a blogger award - go check it out at:

  5. Thanks for the water insights, Erika. I figured as much. I had gotten pretty good about drinking it and getting off the iced tea or Diet Coke myself...then you know what happened. No fridge, no limes, back to Diet Cokes for a few months. Now with working, I'm still drinking Diet Cokes and more coffee. I need to force myself back into the water. But 6 quarts?? I suspect I can't do that much! LOL 'Course, I could give it the ol' college try...

  6. By the way, I do hope you wake today feeling better and do NOT come down with that frakkin' creeping crud.

  7. yep.
    we see that here repeatedly too and each time I ...dont love it :)

    My husband drops out the after dinner reeces cup and LEANS OUT FAST.


  8. 1. Men always lose weight faster, but rarely keep it off.
    2. The first bit of weight always comes off fast since your bod doesn't know what's happening to it.
    3. YOU HAVE LOST, WHAT, 80-100 LBS THIS YEAR?? That it something to be way more than proud of. That is the real, tough shit!!!!
    4. Slap him for me. lol.

  9. My thoughts exactly about men. My husband stopped drinking soda about two weeks ago and this sap sucker has already lost 16lbs. I hate his guts!!!!! Hope you feel better.

  10. Hi, Erika. I was coming by to notify you about your award. I'm sorry and I will help you kill your husband. Men lose weight more easily than women but women gain more easily. It is SO NOT FAIR. I'm sorry you are ill from you doc visit. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs. :)


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