Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello my pets. I hope that all you party animals aren't too hungover. :P I hope that those of you, like me sat on their bootays in front of the tube aren't puffy from too much salt. Amazingly enough, I am neither. I know... Right? No whining about the Puff Monster? Water. It works, dudes and dudettes. :D

To finish my year and my personal I Refuse to Blow It Challenge I jumped on my scale today and was 305.4, down 3 pounds for the week. I am pleased that I ended on a loss. I am not pleased that I ended the year still above 300 pounds. I had planned to be well and solidly below that number by this time and I am pretty pissed at myself that I am not. It is entirely my own fault. And I take full responsibility for my choices.

So today begins a  new year. Sparkling,  fresh, right out of the package. What am I planning to do with this new year? Well, a few things... Continue losing this weight. Work on some other personal goals. Get my health even better under control by finally getting a real doc all my own. Finally learn to knit in the round on two circular needles so that I can knit socks. Spend more time taking photographs, something I enjoy so much. Those are just a few things. And no, they are not resolutions. :P

It is stupid cold, this morning. It was 0 overnight. It was 4 degrees, a little while ago. Hopefully it is beginning to warm up and that sun will soon be melting the snow. Willy Dog and Pookey are going to go out and see if they can't clear the drive well enough that we can get out of here, tomorrow. I am trapped like a rat up here and I am not liking it. Time for the snow to go bye-bye. As frustrated as I am with our little bit of snow, I can't imagine how utterly frustrated and just plain pissed off the residents of NYC have been since their big snow and the city's failure to get it cleared and get people moving, again. I don't understand that. New York is in the North East. It snows there. A lot. You would think that they would be prepared. Of course, if the citizens had cooperated, got their cars out of the way, not driven and packed the snow down to ice and so forth,  it would have helped. It was just a big, stupid clusterfuck all around, seems to me.

I seem to be in love with the word stupid, lately. :P

Okay, so... time to go in search of some brekkie. I am just killing off cup #2 of coffee and thinking some food would go down very nicely.


  1. It was 55 overnight here last night! I do not like that! We are in NW Ohio for crying out loud! We are supposed to have snow!

  2. It had warmed up a bit here but I feel you on being snowed in. Spent my growing up years in the mountains where nothing moved after a snow. I hated being stuck at home where everyone was bored and irritable. That was before the days of internet and of course we were usually without power too. Thank God for modern technology and for a house that is completely surrounded by flat land.

  3. Hey Erika - We survived the year and we didn't gain 20 lbs over the holidays. So, we pretty much rock, right?

    Knitting in the round sounds like magic . . . look like it too. I think I'll larn mysself how to purl!

  4. You are so close to being sub 300. I think I am going to be stalking your blog to see when you hit it. That was a huge day for me and I am always really excited for others who get there too. I know how it feels.

    And just to make you hate me a little, my windows are open with the sun shining here in Houston. It is a gorgeous day! :)

  5. Happy New Year, Erika! Thanks again for hosting the challenge. I lost 8 pounds total. I am happy with that. I'm neither hung over or puffed this morning. Guess I'm off to a decent start.

  6. Erika you are soooooo close. Glad you ended the year with a loss. Wishing you good health and happiness for 2011.

  7. Happy New Year Erika! Stay warm up there! It snowed here in parts of the valley on Thursday! It is C O L D down here!

    Here is to a successful 2011!

  8. Strange and odd weather indeed.... Was in the 50's at the ski resort.. With the warmer weather and misting of rain, it was like skiing in mashed potatoes! Happy New Year, Friend!

  9. You want to feel cold? Come on up to Chicago :-)

    I don't know, my husband was muttering about something about his nut sack is in his stomach b/c it's 5 degrees here. I refused to shovel even though I lost the jets vs bears game bet we had.

    That snow could stay there until march. I AM NOT SHOVELING IN 5 DEGREES!!!

    You are so close to sub 300. So close and it will happen so soon.

    Work it girl.

  10. Hi Erika,
    Firstly, Happy New Year!
    Secondly, although you didn't lose as much as you wanted to, 85 lbs +/- (my math could be off) in less than a year is nothing to sneeze at; especially considering you didn't have surgery. Congrats for the progress you have made this year. My sis had bariatric surgery in June ... a heart condition prevented her from exercising ...
    I love your blog and style of writing ... I've been somewhat absent from blogging the past couple of months and my own fitness goals have suffered but hey ... it's a new year ... onwards and upwards (actually downwards is more appropriate for us :) )
    Have an awesome week Erika!


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