Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am done eating, until sometime tomorrow morning. I am officially on my 12 hour pre ultrasound fast. Technically, I am supposed to not drink water, either. I am not going to obey that one to the letter. I will have sips when needed, especially after a coughing jag. I am still fighting the 'flu and I can't do it without drinking a little water. I'll keep the amounts small and only sip what I need in the morning to take my BP med. If they don't like it, they can kiss my big, fat, white, dimpled ass.

Oh, my, look who is in  mood.

My husband is an ass. I was happily watching my recorded Biggest Loser while he was zonked out on the sofa. Suddenly he wakes up and starts changing the fucking channel, messing up what I am watching. Excuse me! I was watching that! Did he give a shit? Nuh-uh. I was expected to shut off my program so he could go back to watching Gunsmoke. I have been trying to get that show watched all day. Geeze it sucks when he is around too much. I can't wait until he is over the 'flu and goes the hell back to work.

I am dead on track for food. I came up a little short on water. I'll make up for it, tomorrow after I get home. I am still having a little trouble swallowing. It isn't pain, it is almost as if the muscles in my throat aren't working as smoothly as usual, right now and it makes gulping tons of water difficult. But I did the best I could and I did manage to stay nicely hydrated, today.

I have been staring at this page for ten minutes trying to think of anything elst to write about and my mind keeps going blank so I am going to wrap this up.


  1. I had a chuckle when you called your hubby an ass. That's my wife's favorite saying - You're An Ass. I hear it daily, although I'd never change the channel in the middle of a show :)

  2. Guess I am pretty darn lucky that husband I watch our programs on different televisions...on different levels of the house. He hates reality television (and I am addicted...such a trainwreck!). Hope that you get to finish that episode of "Biggest Loser" soon.

    Good luck with the ultrasound...hope you feel much better soon!

  3. I have at least gotten Jeeves to ask before he changes the channel. For awhile he would just change it until I stopped paying the cable bill. I told him I had no reason to pay for a TV I couldn't watch, then he started being a little more considerate.

    I hope your ultra-sound goes well tomorrow. Lets us know what happens.

  4. So I just typed a comment and the internet ate it. -awesome-

    Hubs was a jerk till I canceled the cable, then he got a little better. I also have a hard time when he's around a lot.

    Let us know how your thing goes tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you.

  5. Ah...marriage. Lately I simply cannot stand my husband. Then last night I have a dream that he is dating someone else while we're still married and I wake up all bummed out. I'm hopeless. Hoping your test goes smoothly and all is well, darlin'. And that your coughing just simply stops today!

  6. Hugs, Erika. When my husband and I fight over the TV I just send him to the den. The big screen is in there and he can watch whatever he wants to. I have my small TV in the bedroom. I don't know what you ultrasound is for but whatever it is I hope it isn't something bad. I hope the results are good and that you will be fine. Please let us know later. I will be keeping you in my thought. Hugs. :)

  7. Um in my house turning off something I was watching will get balls cut you officially have my permission to cut your hubby's nads off. When he complains - just tell him Draz told you to do it mmkkaayy?

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  9. after you are allowed food again, you should try something new :)

    i started doin' ala dr. phil (don't laugh) and so far down 11 pounds.

    jump start it girl!! good luck with the test...ugh!


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