Friday, January 14, 2011

Death on a Stick

That is how I am feeling, right now. Bleargh! Somebody just take me out back and shoot me now.


I went 200 calories over, last night. I was trying to eat to sooth my throat. A sugar free pudding and some extra soup put me over. I still finished at 1400 calories, so I didn't harm myself but I still feel as if I failed because I went over 1200. I am just goofy, that way. I didn't succeed in soothing anything, in fact my throat is worse, this moning. Lesson: Food doesn't cure illness, food doesn't make anything better. Food is fuel. Full stop. I have a virus and it has to run it's course. Food will not make that happen any faster. It will not do anything but make me fatter, if I continue to allow myself to stray off track. So, I need to keep my fat ass on track.

I did drink my water, tho. So I did do something right. :P

I need to take a shower, do a little around this house, I at least need to make my bed, dust and do a load of laundry and run my dishwasher. I don't feel up to any more, My poor house is suffering from all of this ill and whiny-ness I have been indulging in, lately. It is neat enough around here, thanks to the help of Willy Dog and Pookey, but the place has lost it's sparkle.They are great about straightening up and so forth but neither one scrubs.

Okay, I need to motor. Sorta. As much as I can motor, right now. If I try to motor too much, I hack up a lung. lol


  1. I'm really sorry you are sick, Erika. I hope you feel much better tomorrow. You are so right about food not fixing anything. I think with a sore throat I might just stick to liquids in your place, but then I always keep a good supply of protein powder for shakes here. Sending you BIG HUGS.:)

  2. Sounds like the crud I had at Christmas. What helped my throat was sipping hot drinks - coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea. I even thought of hot milk, but didn't go there. Cold didn't help at all. Just FYI. ;-)

  3. Do you do 1200 calories every day? Sometimes it's a good thing to vary it up a bit. You may find going a couple hundred calories over every once in a while actually helps your metabolism to stay optimal!

  4. If you can exercise to raise your body temp do it, cause the virus will not persist as long and you can get off your death stick.

    Polar's Mom

  5. God I wish you could catch a break...I feel so bad for you. Rest up....don't worry too much about the house.

  6. Erika, what are you eating?? E mail me at: I have a hard time staying under 1500 a day!


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