Thursday, January 6, 2011

Going Well

I am dead on target with my food and water. Head is calm and binge urges and snack attacks are non existent. So far, so good.

My back is a bit more painful, today. *sigh* I think I have to just ride this out. Hopefully I won't be riding it forever. Because I have to tell you, this ride isn't any fun. I don't even feel like going out and doing some shopping, tonight. You know that I am down for the count if the lure of shopping doesn't stir me from my nest.

The daytime temps are going up a little and the snow is melting. It is nice to see it go. I hope that this next storm that is supposed to dip into our area is rain.

Lordy, I am loopy and I still don't have a lot to yap about, so...


  1. I came along to your blog looking for a bit of inspiration - and i love your comment ..Losing weight is hard, being obese is hard, choose your hard. ....I never thought about it like that but it makes a whole load of sense, thanks

  2. Sorry you back is still out. I hope you feel better soon. I'm beginning to hate snow too. We got some yesterday and the day before but now it is almost gone. I'm hoping for an early spring.Sigh.

  3. I know there was no major news in this post, but I just have to say I commend you for sticking to this for what I think is a year already! I send you nothing but energy, health and motivatey vibes... You are awesome!

  4. I just want you to know, I was scrolling down the comments, reading, and your pic popped out on the side and I honestly thought for a second, "who is that pretty lady?" :) Then I realized it was YOU!!!

    You're wonderful IQ. I hope you feel better soon- So sorry to hear about your back.



  5. SORRY ABOUT THE BACK (good lord woman I can relate) but the dead on target?



  6. Hey darlin'...Thanks so much for your visits and support during these past icky months we've had. We're now in a house and both are working, though the benefits haven't yet started rolling in. It will be a couple of weeks before M gets a real paycheck, but its all good. I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with shingles (I just skimmed) or a bug of some sort or other. I must say that I do love your hair with the bangs!! And you look as though you've been continuously losing weight while I've been out of the loop, judging by your photo. How is that going overall? Are you still doing your Friday weigh-ins? I so wish I had your sticktoitiveness. Sheesh. I wish I could go back and read all that I've missed but there just aren't enough hours in a day. To that end, I will read from this point forward. Missed you!


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