Friday, January 21, 2011

Time Keeps on Spinning, Spinning, Spinning, Into the Future

Hello all. Don't know where the time went, yesterday. One minute I am thinking about typing up an entry and the next, I got distracted and poof! It is this morning. lol

Weird how that works, eh?

Yesterday's ultrasound went well. I was in, registered (we did most of it over the phone, so she just had to print and I had to sign, when I got there) and then whisked into the room for the test all before I could open my book. Impressive. Usually, you are kept waiting around forevah! I hope that it goes as fast and smooth when I go in for my Hida Scan on the 25th.

Drink your damned water, Erika. I am a little behind on the water slurping, right now. Need to get to it. I got a little lazy about it when I had the 'flu and that sore throat. Well, I am recovering from that 'flu and my throat isn't sore anymore so... No excuses. Just slurping. lol

I am feeling so much more human, this morning. My voice is almost back to normal, my throat feels nearly perfect, again, I am coughing a lot less, the horrid, constant rattling is gone (thank God!) my beak isn't as stuffed. I have more energy and I am merely coughing after exertion, rather than hacking up a lung. Progress, indeed. I don't wish this 'flu on anyone. It was miserable. And I just want to feel healthy, again.

Food and water were on track, yesterday. I ended up going over by 50 calories... My dinner prep got a little waya from me, I underestimated calories while cooking. *hangs head* Need to be a little more careful. I don't like breaking my 1200 cap. Once I shake this stupid cough, I can start walking, again. Heaven knows, the weather around here will be nice for it. Upper fifties, even a few forays into sixty or above. Pretty nice for Winter. :D

Sunday is weigh in day already. I am interested to see how much more is gone. I like seeing those numbers steadily dropping. 'Tis a pretty, pretty sight.

Okay, I am getting hungry so I think I will toss a little late brekkie together. And I want to read blogs and see what you all are up to.


  1. Hi, Erika. I'm so glad you are feeling better and that the ultrasound went well. I'm fortunate that I haven't caught the bug that is going around here in our area. I am hoping to see some dropping on Sunday too. Hang in there, dear.:)

  2. Yes, it is amazing to me how indifferent I now feel towards weighing myself since I know the numbers are going to be lower and lower...;-)

    Polar's Mom

  3. Glad you're feeling human again - this week did go by super fast!

  4. Glad you're feeling better! Oh and thanks, now I've got the title of your post humming along in my head ;) Cheers, Rick

  5. Happy to hear you're on the mend - feeling human is a good thing. :)

  6. You really enjoy putting songs into my head, don't you? That will be with me all danged day!! ('Course, my last post was song titled as well, so now I've just replaced my song with your song...) Anyway, so glad to know you are feeling better, Erika. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend and that get out and get to do something fun!


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