Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, That Was Fun

Nothing like spending the morning in the doctor's office. But I needed to. I have actually never had a primary care doc. I have always just gone to this doc or that doc to address a specific issue or other. I needed to get out of that mindset and get real and more proactive, rather than just reactive about my health care. So, now I have a doc. She is great. Very nice, laid back, easy to talk to, listens pretty well. Listening is a skill I honestly believe needs to be addressed and stressed when doctors are in training. Few actually have great listening skills. But my doc does a little better than average. She took a good bit of time with me, didn't make me feel as if she were rushing me at all. I appreciate that. My insurance is paying her very good money, I want their money's worth. :D

My heart and lungs are good, my BP was perfect. I had a bunch of blood drawn for labs (it has been forever since I had any done) and I have to go have an abdominal ultrasound and a gallbladder series and test done. Joy. That should be fun. :P It needs to be done, so I will get at it. Blech!

I got home and I was starving. I figured that they would want to draw blood for labs so I didn't eat brekkie or drink any coffee, this morning. Only water and sugar free breath mints. I wasn't even hungry until I walked back in my door.When I did, I was suddenly ravenous. Now, in my old life, I would have just gone whole hog and eaten my kitchen in extinction. After all, I had fasted, I had been to the doctor. I deserved a treat, didn't I? Uh... No. Going to the doc and fasting for the morning doesn't mean I get to eat like an idiot. I had a mug of coffee and a toasted whole wheat sandwich thin with a Tablespoon of natural (no sugar) peanut butter split up and spread on each half. It is amazing how far one Tablespoon of peanut butter goes. :D With my water, I am good, for right now. I'll have a late lunch, later when I get hungry.

Sherry, I never thought that I would say this, but your body really does adjust to increased water intake. When you first start drinking lots and lots of water, you pee constantly. All day and all night long. It is annoying, you burn through a semi truck load of toilet paper in a week. When I accelerated my water intake, I went to a gallon, then to six quarts. At first, I was up every hour to pee all night long and running to the bathroom at least every half hour all day long. Then, my body seemed to say, "Okay, this is what is going to happen, now." and it adjusts. I am now only getting up to pee once or twice a night, the same as before I really went water-wild. I also pee less frequently during the day than I was, at first. But I won't lie to you, I am still peeing frequently during the day. lol  And funnily enough, I can drink a lot, go out and about and not be searching for every ladies room in town while I am out. Slugging all that water down every day is a job. I should be getting paid for it. lol But I now need that water. If I don't get it, I am not a happy camper. I feel dehydrated and cranky. Water has gone from my nemesis to my bestest friend. I even take a big tumbler to bed with me and it is usually empty by morning.  :D

It is a pretty day, today. It is sunny, supposed to be in the upper fifties. In fact, it is supposed to be unusually nice for the rest of the week. Methinks is is time to get out for a walk. My rash and my bra got along fairly well, today so I think I am ready to hit the road. :D

Okay, I need to run and pee. Yay, water! And I have laundry to attend to and I want to read blogs and see what all you fine people are up to, today.



  1. I'm glad you like your doctor. =) Whenever I get insurance, I'd like to get myself a PCP who will actually know my history as opposed to a new person every time something new pops up.

    Enjoy your walk! And also, I gave you an award on my blog. =)

  2. Love reading stories of hydration !!

  3. Girl I wish my body would adjust. I have always peed at least twice during the night-ruins my damn REM sleep!!!

    Polar's Mom

  4. Glad you found a good doctor. Whenever I find a good one, it usually means they are about to move to another state or become pregnant and quit their practice. My current doc of about a year and I are still feeling each other out. She seems interested in my well being and is listening to my feedback.

    Water on the other hand, still not my best bud. It seems like such a chore to get it all in, but I'm working on it. Kudos to you for having a great relationship with water.

  5. I gave you an award:

  6. I generally like my doctors, but as an informed patient I generally bully them into listening to me, which might not endear me to them but they listen to me, and when I'm feeling ignored I say so.
    Yay! Water consumption!!!!

  7. I try and I do say TRY to drink 120 ounces a day. How do you do it? I mean really how do you drink all your water and how much are you drinking? Do you just sit and sip all day? Do you chug one glass here and there. I have tryed that and it made me sick. So just wondering so you manage it.

    It's good to have a PCP..I have to go every 2 months. I was going every month for 6 years due to an illness and he finally bumped it to every 2..I can't tell you what a relief that was. I hope it is for nothing serious that you are seeing one of course.

  8. The gall bladder tests they give nowadays aren't anything like the old days. Don't be scared. If they were painful, I'd tell you. Do you have symptoms of gb disease? Then I'm sorry for your pain. It can get excruciating, like a kidney stone, if the duct gets blocked. Otherwise, it's just mostly a bother.

    Ever since I had mine removed, though, I can't ingest above a certain amount of dietary fat without severe diarrhea. Think of it as a natural diet. lol


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