Monday, January 3, 2011

My Balls are to the Wall

Boy, that sounds so right, when written by a woman, doesn't it? :P ^^

I am drinking all of my water. steadily and with intention. It is going down. The additional two quarts will take a tad bit of adjustment but it isn't anything I can't handle. Drinking a gallon a day, on the run up has helped. It isn't such a shock to the old system. lol

Food is nicely right on track. Brekkie was coffee and oatmeal, lunch was salad and an egg scramble made with some sauteed scallion, mushroom, one egg and two whites. I have plenty of calories for dinner and a bit of a crash snack this afternoon, if needed. Mmmm.. Almond milk and an apple, perhaps?

My fucking back. It is spasaming. I am really hurting, again. Blargh! I might have to hit the Urgent Care if I can't hold out until my appointment on the 12. I hate this, so much.

Okay, so time to run to the toidy. 


  1. oh no. I hope your back feels better soon!

  2. Backs will knock you on your arse - for sure. My extreme lower back is acting up at the moment (I have 2 compressed discs), but I think a little movement - slow and steady wins the race - could get me "back" up and running.

    Hang in there and get thee to thine appointment, and that right soon!


  3. Oh I was hoping your back would be all better! LOVE balls to the wall...LOL.

  4. Mmmm almond milk. It's like candy. :-)

  5. Hope you back gets better soon. Bummer. Happy New Year, though!

  6. I am so sorry you are in pain. Back and knee pain is the worst because it can knock you out of your own life. I hope it feels better and you don't have to tough it out til your appt.

    And the water gets easy after a few weeks. You crave it. You want more of it. And the bathroom breaks ease up as your body becomes acclimated.

  7. So sorry your back is hurting :( Hope it's better now!!

    I've never tried almond milk. . . I hate milk and love almonds tho. Interesting.

    Have a good one! :)

  8. Hope you get back on your feet soon.. I can't imagine the pain you are in, but I wish it would go away for you..

    Good for you, on all the good stuff you've got down today! :)

  9. I give you credit with the water, I have a really hard time gettin all of mine in. My goal is 64oz a day and I can barely manage 32. I know tha tif I do drink more the weight comes off easier I just need to "geter done"


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