Sunday, January 2, 2011


Nothing to that title, really. I just drew a blank when my cursor hit the box. :P

So, yeah. Yesterday was... Meh. 1700 and something calories. Higher than I intended. I suppose I need to get the silliness out of my system before tomorrow. Not that I am "having a last binge/meal/splurge" type thing, I just didn't pay close attention and forgot to write a few things down. Lesson: I have to be constantly mindful and on top of everything, at all times. Slacking isn't helpful to me, yet. Constant vigilance That is my watchword. Or watchwords. Whatever. :P

Coffee and oatmeal are down for brekkie  and I am busily slurping my water. I use a little lemon juice from a squeezy plastic lemon to jazz it up a little bit. A tiny hint of lemon makes it go down a lot easier. And since so much has to go down... Might as well make it as easy as possible.

Say, would any of you be offended if I change my Followers title from Very Important Visitors to My Realm to My Loyal Subjects? I think that anyone who reads me would get that it is meant tongue in cheek, not seriously. I originally wanted to title it that way, but I didn't want to piss anyone off or make them think I think I am something I am not. Hopefully, anyone new will understand that. :D

Geeze, I hope it warms up and really starts melting this snow. I seriously want out of here, later.


  1. I wouldn't mind at all. =) And here's to hoping the snow melts soon! I was psyched when we could see our driveway the other day.

  2. I think it's funny. Allan has stalkers on his..and it totally fits his personality. yours fits yours....mine is an obvious ploy for others to join the collective.
    Good luck on your challenge. You'll do great.

  3. Hi, I am new to your blog and I am really enjoying it. I hope that the snow melts for you. Maybe you could send some down here to GA.

  4. I am more than happy to be a loyal subject. I also can relate to the constant vigilance. For example today I had toast with Peanut butter and jelly and when I added up how much this was I hate more for breakfast with my coffee then I should have for lunch. Oh well you live your learn.

  5. It is your blog, make it your own.

    I'm glad you are doing the challenge. This is the best one yet!

  6. Loyal subjects is you IQ.

  7. I'm liking the Loyal Subjects handle!!! :) Have a great day!

  8. You're the Queen - I guess that DOES make us Loyal SUbjects!! hahahahaha!! love it!

  9. I love your sense of humor and I wouldn't mind at all!


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