Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Less Freaked Out, Now

I am not happy about my weigh in, this morning. But I am calmer, now. I have to remember that I have a bod with a certain history. And I shouldn't be so surprised. The fat is coming off. I can feel the difference in my body composition. I am still on track and working and I am certainly not going to let this setback send me off over the edge. I am going to stay on track, keep slugging water and have a good yap with my doc when I go in for my appointment on Wednesday morning.

I am low on calories, right now. I had two cups of coffee and a Fage for brekkie. And I just chowed a veggie cheeseburger for dinner. I did a Morningstar veggie burger, half an ounce of 2% cheddar melted on top, a multi grain sandwich thin, a little light mayo, a couple of slices of tomato, some onion and lettuce. Yum! I had some Special K crisps with it. The Special K crisps are kind of like Pop Chips, thinner a bit more crisp. But yummy. I have enough calories to have a little nosh later, should I desire while we watch a movie.

I ran out today and did some shopping. Picked up some things I needed, hauled a little polish, including two Color Club sets at Ross. I also got a pretty China Glaze Halloween polish at Sally's on clearance. A buck ninety-nine. That is my kind of bargain. :D I picked up some other girlie necessities. And a jar of the new Loreal souffle foundation. I am hoping it will step into my beloved mineral foundation's shoes. Getting old is hell... Lines and wrinkles that are forming are not working and playing so well with mineral, anymore. *sigh* And my lines seem to be forming a little faster as I deflate. Time to start saving for that face lift, I guess. lol

Brrr! The temps are dropping fast, clouds are streaming in and there is a 30% chance of snow tonight and tomorrow morning. But it is supposed to warm up to the mid forties, so if it snows, it shouldn't hang around long. Rain would certainly be better! I love rain.

So, we have a new common wall neighbour. The condo next door finally rented. A lady and her little pooch moved in. She is single, right now but engaged to get married. Funny enough, my son and her fiancee know one another. He works for a loval vendor and delivers to the store where Pookey works. Her little doggy is kinda cute, a fluffy ball of cocapoo type canine life. He isn't too yappy, thank heavens! I am not thrilled with sharing a common wall, but as long as she is reasonably quiet, clean, her dog doesn't bark the walls down and I don't have to listen to her and her guy getting freaky, we will all get along just fine.

What is it with people who hang on Freecycle? I offered a very nice pink Razr cell phone. Received seven replies from people who wanted it. I offered it to someone, she was supposed to come get it and her son offered to buy her a newer model. Okay fine. So, I chose a gal who needed a new phone for her daughter. She was just desperate! to have it. It has been sitting outside my front door in a little gift bag for two days. If she doesn't pick up tomorrow, it is going to the next person on the list. *sigh*

Well, I guess I have nattered on enough, for now.

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  1. ugh. Neighbors are never fun, haha. I try to have as little to do with them as possible!

  2. It's one weigh in, It can knock you for a loop...but your next one should be much better. Hang in there.

  3. I've never heard of Freecycle before. I list crap on kijiji. I love that site.

  4. At least you are still losing, Erika. Do tell how you like that souffle makeup. I've been thinking of trying it myself but since I'm pretty low maintenance, don't want to waste the money unless I know it will look nice. Hope you end up forging a friendship with the new neighbor.


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