Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little Bit of This... A Little Bit of That...

Food was okay, yesterday. Water was good. My attitude kinda stunk. It doesn't, today.

I know that I owe progress shots and I will get to them soon, when I feel like getting myself pulled together and getting out my camera.

This 'flu lingers, I still have a head and chest full of snot, a wracking cough. Bleargh!

I have to go into the hospital tomorrow for an abdominal ultrasound. Nothing major... My doc suspects a bit of a blockage or something and wants a peechur. I have to fast from eight tonight, including no fluids until after my test, tomorrow. I am going to dy up like an old husk. lol

Willy Dog took today off work. He is sicker than a dog. At least Pookey is feeling better, he just left for work. Now to get rid of the husband... Having them underfoot so much isn't good for me. lol

The weather has been freakishly gorgeous, lately. Sunny, warm. Just lovely. We have been able to open windows, air the house out and just enjoy it. A little false Spring in the midst of Winter.

I am getting tired of oatmeal for brekkie. Yet I eat it, every morning. I could have eggs, I guess...

My head is banging. Maybe another cup of coffee...


  1. Ohhh, Erika.... must your brag about your gorgeous weather? :) LOL It is horrible here. I'm SO ready for spring. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. I guess I just can't take the extreme temps. Sorry you hubby has it now. We've been lucky around here. No one living in the house now has been sick for a while. Unless you count my alleged sinus infection and that is kind of a chronic thing. I wish hugs and kisses and hope you feel a lot better by tomorrow. :)

  2. Hey, great blog you have. I'm fairly new to the weight loss blogging myself. Looks like you've had AMAZING progress so far - here's hoping you can get yourself and everyone at home healthy again. Cheers!

  3. Yeah when I find I am in a carb craving, that hubby is better off no where near me. Talk about a bitch. Yikers.

    Polar's Mom


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