Friday, January 7, 2011

Feeling a Little More Human, Now

Ahhh... That felt good. I needed it so. much!

Get your frakking minds out of the gutter. :P

I meant the long, hot shower I just took. I have been showering each day, just jumping in, getting clean really quick and getting out. I haven't been washing my hair. I was just combing it, putting it up and ignoring it and greaseball is a kind description of my head, by today. It felt wonderful to shampoo my manky assed head, condition my hair and comb it all out smooth. I added a little leave in to it after I got out and some shine spray and it is happily air drying on the top of the back of my sofa. I think. I think... That my weight loss induced shedding might just be slowing down. *fingers crossed* I am not finding quite as much hair in my comb and brush. *pleasepleaseplease!*

I did a bunch of housework, earlier including scrubbing down my nasty  bathroom. I can't believe how filthy it was, in there and I couldn't stand it, any longer. Shingles be damned, I had to clean at least my toilet and sink. I didn't have it in me to scour the shower and tub, right now but the toidy and sink, faucet and mirrors are all sparkling clean. And my bathroom no longer announces it's presence as you walk into the hall. Yuk! :P

I also ran my vacuum, made my bed, cleaned up my kitchen. I thought about doing a load or two of laundry but I am tired, now and my back is beginning to howl a bit so I think I will save that until tomorrow. I think I have done enough for today.

Food is dead on target. Water is sliding down nicely.

Those of you in the path of this next snowstorm, I hope that you are all ready, stocked up, snugged in and your hatches are battened, Stay warm and stay safe, kiddies.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better today, Erika. You got much more done than I did today. I'm laid up for at least a couple more days. I guess tomorrow would be a good day to get some studying done.

  2. "manky assed head" LMAO, I am so stealing this description. I usually wash my hair every other day but sometimes this description could be very apt ;)

    How are the shingles treating you BTW? How long does it take to go away? Hopefully soon and that you'll be 100% in no time. Wishing you the best!

  3. hehe, get your mind into the gutter! The other thing never hurts ;-). But seriously. Glad to year you're feeling better!

  4. Goodness you did all that and you have shingles? Wowser. You amaze me every day.

  5. I wish my shedding would slow down. My tub drain hates me.

    And dang you had a busy day for being sick. You inspire me to want to clean my own place better.

  6. Oh girl I hear you. When I go too long between head washings I feel AWFUL and super depressed and ugly. Screw those shingles, you do your thing!

    Polar's Mom

  7. I'm going to take a shower this evening before bed, not because I am "manky" but because I need to let the volcanically hot water pound on my face and help bust up the sinus pressure.

    Good for you getting all that done. My house is in shambles, I had to wash a spoon to eat soup today, every piece of silverware in my house is dirty *ashamed*


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