Friday, January 7, 2011

Phase Four Another Great Day :D

Yesterday went easily and smoothly. I am thinking that I needed a hardcore, structured program that I could challenge myself to stick to. I like a challenge and I suppose I should admit that I am a bit competitive, as well.

Calories yesterday: 1207
Water: 6 qts. *gurgle*
Exercise: Sadly I just can't yet. I wish these shingles would heal up and the sidewalks clear of ice and snow, soon. I want to get out there.

My shingles are still doing their thing. I have a feeling that this is something that takes a little time. *bleargh* I am in a tiny bit less pain. I haven't needed a muscle relaxer the moment I got out of bed, tho I will probably need one later, once I get to moving around and doing some things around this house. I am taking my anti-viral faithfully and Vicodin only at bedtime. I have found that breaking them in half and only taking half is a gracious plenty for me. That is one medication I am going to be happy to not need, any longer. I don't like taking narcotics unless I absolutely must. They have their place and can be a benefit. They are also dangerous.

I am so pissed at myself. Yesterday. I was clearing some random shit off my DVR and somehow I managed to delete V. Gah! I have been looking forward to this series returning and was all ready to watch it and it was gone. Waaaahhh!!! I tried to find it at the ABC website but they don't have the entire episode up, yet. (Other networks get their episodes up in a timely manner, why can't they?) Shit! You have to be kidding! So, I will just have to record the upcoming and save them until ABC gets off their asses and gets that episode up online so I can see it, then I can watch the rest in order. You might ask me why I don't just watch the others until I can see this one... I can't. I have to see a series in order. I can't miss an episode or come in in the middle. It just doesn't work for me. I need to follow the threads. I am the same way with books and movies. Yes, even I have my little oddities.

Sooo... Yeah, today is also going well. I had a mug of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal for brekkie. I am busily slurping water and feeling very good about things. In control and head is on straight. No binge urges, no need to feed or snack unadvisedly. Things are pretty smooth in my realm, right now. :D

Okay, I am still not full of terrific things to talk about. And now I need to pee like a racehorse so I am going to close this entry.


  1. Smoooooooth is always a good thing!! Happy Friday to YOU!

  2. glad you are enjoying phase 4, I couldn't do it, I'll admit, I was afraid. But also, I'm sort of in love with my plan, it works and I feel great about my weight loss.

    I hope your shingles clear up soon, I've heard those can be awful, I bet my flu swab this morning doesn't even compare, but I'll tell ya it sucked pretty bad.

  3. Happy Friday to you too, Lisa. :D

    Ninja Girl, we all have our challenges and they are big to us... Flu, shingles... Whatever. We are each dealing with our thing our own way. :)

    If your program is working for you then that is what you need to rock. We all have to sift around, find our right path then walk it. The end result is what matters. Increased health, a lower, better for us weight. How we get there is our own business. :D

  4. Ugh - I accidentally deleted something off my DVR the other day too and I swear I was sad for a whole day over it. TV is soooo much to me. Sad isn't it?


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