Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Release the Kraken!

Thank you, everyone for your lovely comments, yesterday. :D Today is a better day.

I ended up at just over 600 calories for the day, yesterday. I just wasn't all that hungry, then I ate a big pile of broccoli. Too much, it turns out as I got sicker than a dog, gas that wanted to kill me. Ugh! I definitely couldn't eat anything after that. Just the thought of broccoli right now makes me shudder. It will probably be a while before I eat broccoli, again.

My husband has to die. He brought home Doritos. Put them in my pantry in my kitchen. What the fuck was he thinking? He knows those things are crack in a mylar bag to me. *sigh* Seriously, did he really need to bring those damned things in the house? I just need to steer clear. I can do it.

Food and water are on track. Other than the evil in the pantry, I am good, today. Head is calm, I am level. Water, lots and lots of water help, I admit. And I am looking forward to a good weigh in this coming Sunday.

I am also looking forward to seeing my doc on the second of next month. I don't know what is with my chest, lately. Just making my bed or vacuuming my broadloom leaves me gasping for breath, coughing, chest rattling. I am hoping that she can help me to feel better, breathe better and get back to a more active life. I miss being able to do my housework, walk, climb my stairs. I am so. sick. of. being. sick!!!!! Efuckingnuff, already.

It is a pretty, sunny day. Crisp and cool but it should warm up a little, this afternoon. I am looking forward to Spring. My hands are beginning to itch to dig in rich, dark soil, plant flowers, water them, nurture them and watch them grow and bloom. I can't grow food to save my life. But I can rock flowers. Except snapdragons. For some really weird reason, snapdragons and I don't get along. I follow the directions for growing them and they die on me. Every time. It is going to be nice to have warm days, breezes blowing through my home, no more shivering.  Until it gets really hot and humid and I start bitching about that. ;) :P

My headache has calmed down a lot. I am hurting, but my brain isn't vibrating and throbbing, today. An improvement, to be sure.

I need to go take a shower and do my nails. Hmmm... What colour do I want to wear, today? :D


  1. I'm with you, Erika. I am yearning for spring and being able to get out and do some planting. My husband has been good about not bring home stuff that really tempts me. He loves Little Debbie Cakes and he brings those in a hides then but I don't have a problem with those. Cookies are the bane of my existence but he never brings those home until I ask for them. Thankfully, I have been unwilling to ask for any in quite a while. Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. It sounds like a better day for you today, I'm glad! Ohhhh I'm dying for just one day without snow.. I think Spring is just asking too much! But, we can hope.. Can't we??

  3. I turned to talk to my husband as he sat down in the chair next to me when he got home from work last night. He was eating something. When I realized he was eating the cookies that I battled and beat earlier in the day, I gave him a look Medusa would be proud of. And I have never seen anyone shove and hide three cookies into their mouths faster in my life.

    Polar's Mom

  4. Doritos were formed by the devil's very own hand. I would struggle with them in the house... Stay we away from them, far far away. One Dorito is too many and a million is not enough.

    I sympathise with your death wish to yer husband. Fortunately for me mine doesn't like junk food. He thinks it's gross. I don't know what's wrong with him. Some kind of mutant gene or something.

  5. Doritos not a draw for me (though when I was younger I loved 'em). You know what gets me these days? Kruncher's Hawaiian Sweet Onion potato chips. Ei yi yi. Anyway, so glad yesterday you were feeling a bit better. And I thought ol' WillyDog was dieting with you???

  6. It's always Spring - somewhere....
    Maybe only in our hearts!


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