Monday, January 31, 2011

The Last Day of January

It was a pretty good day. I am on track with food, working to get the rest of my water in so that is under control. I am still swollen like a poisoned dog. Bleargh!

It is cold, tonight. And the temperature is dropping steadily. Should be good and icy in the morning. It snowed a little this morning but it didn't stick around then it cleared as the sun went down. Nights like this, I think fondly, longingly of Spring. It will be here, soon enough. And I shouldn't be wishing that time would pass by too fast. Especially at my age. lol

My fireplace is on and I hope it warms it up in here, soon. Brrr!

That's really about all I have to natter about, right now.


  1. I am SO not in a rush for spring, cause then comes summer too quickly-and that doesn't mean a party in Texas. At least in Arizona it's hot like an oven not a rain forest, right? ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  2. it's a little chilly here...something like 2 below and with 'wind chill' it's negative 25. I could take some standard winter fare about now. Here is to warm weather.

  3. I'm thinking longingly of spring too. Sigh.

  4. Sometimes you paint the most amazing pictures with words. I hear you on wishing life away for tomorrows. I do that alot myself, though not as much as I used to.

  5. I would like Spring a lot better if it wasn't tornado season here. Oh well.


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