Friday, January 14, 2011

Just a Quickie

Sorry, I don't have enough energy for anything else.  ;)

Food is on track. I have enough calories for a light dinner. Maybe oatmeal and fruit. I am drinking. Not all water. My poor throat can't do hard core slurping. But I am eating tons of soup, drinking herb tea, urine is plentiful and light, so I am hydrating well. It is the best I can do, at the moment. I am not willing to inflict pain on myself. Not right now.

Little problem with all this soup... Sodium. My ankles feel puffy. But soup... So hot, nourishing, comfortable for my throat. My frakking throat is worse, kiddies. This cough, I choke every time I start coughing and I have a fever. Meezathinking I have the 'flu, not just a cold.

My son has it, too. He doesn't have my cough or sore throat, but he has a fever and headache and feels like dog shit, He had to come home from work early, today and will take the next couple of days off. Great, Whiny baby man son while I am sick, too. lol 

I am so tired, drained. I did manage a shower, I fluffed my featherbed and made my bed all lovely and soft, so that I will be supercomfy when I go nighty-night, tonight. I also washed my favourite nightshirt so that it will be fresh and soft. Sometimes just having a fresh bed, clean nightie and a shower make you feel a little better. :) I also managed to scoop the litter box, sweep, run my dishwasher and dust a little. That was all I could manage.

Shit. I am just babbling, now. Sorry. I am going to go pee and maybe get another cup of tea.


  1. Feel better, Friend.... I'm sending hot virtual chicken soup your way - and lots of good thoughts too.....


  2. I hope you feel better soon. Glad to hear you are keeping hydrated.

  3. hope you feel better soon. Winter colds are just terrible. Feel better!!

  4. So sorry you're sick girl....I hope you get to feeling better over the weekend.

  5. I am just so awed by the many good friends you've gained by blogging, darlin'. I have been fortunate in that as well. 'Course I've found my niche, I think. At any rate, I so wish you wake up feeling ever so much better today...Pookster too. Hoping WD doesn't also come down with this crud. That would not be a fun house at all!

  6. It sucks to be sick. I hope you and your son feel better soon.


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