Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold, Cranky, Ready to Open a Can of Woopass

Yeah. It is one of those days. My ass is cranky. It is cold here and I can't seem to get warm and I am in the mood to do some harm. Not to myself by eating shit I shouldn't, amazingly enough. Usually when I get like this, I want to eat the house down. Now, I just feel like burning it down.

Food is good. I am right on track. Water is all headed in the right direction. I have sweet potatoes in the oven and I am going to start the chicken, in a bit.

Anyone in the mood for a good ass kicking?



Oh yeah... Yesterday? 1205 and six quarts. 


  1. LOL

    I feel ya. I am cold and all I want to do is sleep. I'm watching Biggest Loser and then it is lights out. Sunday's all day shopping marathon wore my ass out.

  2. Girl, you need some Tae Kwon Do for days like this. ;)

  3. LOL! I normally read my blog list from a reader, and only go to the person's actual blog if I have some sort of pertinent comment but, when I read how cold you were, I was curious to see where you lived.

    It always amuses me to see southerners suffer in what you consider "cold" weather.

    Stacy in Wisconsin

    P.S. Feel free to laugh at me this summer when 3 consecutive days in the high 80's have me whimpering like a puppy.

  4. God yes. We must be twins. Someone in town pissed me off tonight BAD. Self-righteous arrogant people who need to use their time to volunteer or something!! Oops - sorry - I had to vent. Feel better tomorrow lovey.

  5. This is the time to pull out jillian micheals and exercise till you puke...you'll feel awesome, I promise...and if you don't have her and you have a good set of stairs..a half hour of stair master for poor people will do the trick. have fun.


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